2010 Donations

Donations made to individuals are noted in relation to their purpose, but names are withheld. For beneficiary confidentiality a few are shown as “Anonymous Donation”.

18th March 2010Girl Guides£420.00
23rd March 2010Greyhound RFC£500.00
29th March 2010Ross Rowing Club£120.00
29th March 2010Christian Lewis Trust£1,650.00
29th March 2010Marches Family Network£1,000.00
21st May 2010Hereford Nature Trust£220.00
2nd August 2010Yarkhill Bells£250.00
2nd August 2010Pegasus Football Club Goal Posts£480.00
2nd August 20102Faced Dance Company£210.00
11th October 2010Bathroom Extension for Disabled Child£2,444.30
2nd December 2010Accomodation for Family in Need£1,300.00
TOTAL (11 Donations)£8,594.30