2012 – 2013 Chairman’s Message

It is a pleasure and an honour to have been elected Chairman of Hereford Round Table for the forthcoming year, 2012-13.  My year begins one day short of the fourth anniversary of my joining Hereford Table.  Since that day in 2008 I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this small family which serves two purposes – having a good time and helping the local community.

We make sure that we meet every fortnight to participate in a wide range of activities which are always fun and often education too.  Some recent events have included tours of local businesses, learning how to rock climb, hosting our annual Masterchef competition, go-karting, mountain boarding and kayaking as well as meeting the killer dogs at the local army base.  In addition to having a good time there is the business end too – raising as much money as we can for worthy local causes.

We raise thousands of pounds each year through our two main events, the Summer Ball and Hereford Firework Display, which is given where it is needed, whether that is to a larger charity or an individual person who is in need of support.  During the past few years we have raised over £80,000 and I have a target to increase this to £100,000 by the end of my year as Chairman.  If you fancy something new and want to do some good at the same time as having fun then please get in touch and join us.

Jason Hicks, Chairman


Some Hereford Round Table members at the hand over meal on Friday 27th April at Lyde Arundel Hereford.


Mark Harper (2011 Chairman) handing over the chairmanship to Jason Hicks (2012 chairman).