2012 Donations

Donations made to individuals are noted in relation to their purpose, but names are withheld. For beneficiary confidentiality a few are shown as “Anonymous Donation”.

31st January 2012Children Today Fund£750.00
6th February 2012Cancer Relief£1,100.00
6th February 2012iPad for Handicapped Family£464.00
6th February 2012Swimming Pool Hire for Community Gala£500.00
6th February 2012Playing Area for Deprived Children£50.00
2nd March 2012Hospital Travel Arrangements£250.00
23rd April 2012Wye Amateur Boxing Club£1,512.00
23rd April 2012Hereford Swimming Club Gala£500.00
23rd April 2012Hospital Radio£1,000.00
30th April 20122Faced Dance Company£250.00
30th April 2012Luctonians RFC Under-14's Rugby Kit£750.00
30th April 2012Fund for Holiday Camp for Child in Need£300.00
30th April 2012Fund for Holiday Camp for Child in Need£300.00
1st May 2012Holiday to Legoland for Child in Need£700.00
21st May 2012Deaf Direct£500.00
21st May 2012Cancer Support£1,575.00
21st May 2012Air Cadets£850.00
21st May 2012Anonymous Donation£1,000.00
21st May 2012Girl Guides£150.00
21st May 2012Anonymous Donation£500.00
21st May 2012St Lawrence Friendship Club£400.00
21st May 2012Penyard Singers£250.00
21st May 2012Brownies£250.00
21st May 2012Anonymous Donation£50.00
21st May 2012Black Marston School£60.00
21st May 2012Girl Guides£350.00
21st May 2012Anonymous Donation£270.00
6th June 2012Shop Mobility£733.00
6th June 2012Team Valley£750.00
6th June 2012Hinton Community£656.00
19th June 2012Motorneron£750.00
19th June 2012Hereford Pregnancy Care£200.00
24th August 2012Television for Open Gate Social Club£340.00
31st August 2012Martha Trust£4,556.49
22nd October 2012Home Start£500.00
22nd October 2012Computer Equipment for The Samaritans£1,680.00
22nd October 2012Westfaling Street Scouts£1,000.00
22nd October 2012Cross Road Restbite Care£1,000.00
22nd October 2012North Tupsley Action Group (NTAG)£500.00
22nd October 2012Birmingham Children's Hospital£100.00
7th December 2012Friends of Ainsle House£100.00
7th December 2012Basement Youth Trust£500.00
7th December 2012Newton Farm Community Centre£1,000.00
7th December 2012Hereford Tupsley Scout Group£800.00
14th December 2012Anonymous Donation£100.00
17th December 2012Anonymous Donation£400.00
TOTAL (46 Donations)£30,296.49