2013 Donations

Donations made to individuals are noted in relation to their purpose, but names are withheld. For beneficiary confidentiality a few are shown as “Anonymous Donation”.

2nd February 2013Pool Cover£1,500.00
25th February 2013Anonymous Donation£961.00
5th March 2013St Michael's Hospice Trip£250.00
8th March 201314th Hereford Girl Guides£350.00
8th March 2013Saddle Donation£900.00
8th March 2013Megan Baker House£1,000.00
11th March 2013Hereford Children's Deaf Society£500.00
11th March 2013Ross Rowing Club£2,000.00
11th March 2013Hereford Sparks£500.00
11th March 2013Hereford Wheelchair Football£500.00
11th March 2013Hereford Shop Life£400.00
11th March 2013ATE Trust Summer Camps£350.00
11th March 2013YHA Summer Camps£350.00
11th March 2013Hereford Swimming Club£500.00
23rd April 2013Anonymous Donation£2,000.00
1st May 2013Sky Dive Donation£1,500.00
4th May 2013Anonymous Donation£2,500.00
8th August 2013Transport to Hospital£250.00
19th September 2013Restbite Care£400.00
30th September 2013Haven Drop-In Centre£500.00
30th September 2013South Wye Drop-In Centre£250.00
30th September 2013Hinton Community Centre£2,000.00
30th September 2013Hereford Artisans£3,000.00
30th September 2013Holiday for Child in Need£500.00
30th September 2013Withington Football Club Line Painting£700.00
19th November 2013Rotary Club Philippines Appeal£250.00
5th December 2013Headphones for X-Entricity£990.00
TOTAL (27 Donations)£24,901.00