2015 Amsterdam Roadtrip

Following the success of our France Mini Roadtrip in 2014 we decided to do it all again, this time to Amsterdam.

At 4am on Friday Thursday 20th November 2015, eight of us from Hereford Round Table set off for Amsterdam, driving to Folkestone, taking the Eurostar to Callais, and then driving through France and Belgium into the Netherlands and arriving in Amsterdam Friday afternoon. The trip is around 960 miles and we are heading home on Sunday 22nd November.

As well as hopefully being a great road trip this event should see us raise £2,500 for our local Table, which we will as always give away to local charities and good causes. We covered all our own fuel, hotel, meals, Eurostar and other expenses, so every penny raised goes to support good causes.

The plan is that we will drive four cars, an Audi A3 and VW Golf loaned to us by South Hereford Garages and two MINIs loaned to us by Cotswold Hereford MINI, all sporting the logos of our individual sponsors, to visit three Amsterdam Round Tables. When we arrive at each Table we will be delivering a small gift from home, a hamper containing local products from Herefordshire.

The wonderful graphics for the cars showing our sponsors logos were kindly supplied by The Sign People.

Collecting the four fantastic cars for our Round Table Big Trip 2015.

Luke Conod from Hereford Round Table on BBC Hereford and Worcester discussing the trip with Andrew Easton.


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