2015 Donations

Donations made to individuals are noted in relation to their purpose, but names are withheld. For beneficiary confidentiality a few are shown as “Anonymous Donation”.

14th January 2015Hinton Community Centre£500.00
14th January 2015Norton Cannon Cart Shed£1,400.00
22nd January 2015Hereford Rugby Club Juniors Gazebo£413.99
22nd January 201523rd Hereford Guides£140.00
22nd January 2015Phoenix Bereavement£1,135.00
9th March 2015Underwear for Homeless People£500.00
9th March 2015ELY Memorial Fund£1,000.00
9th March 2015Hereford College of Art£250.00
9th March 2015Hereford Diocese Social Charity Food Bank£500.00
9th March 20151st Eardisley Rainbows£500.00
11th March 2015Hereford Heart Start£1,430.00
11th March 2015Basement Trust£1,000.00
20th March 2015Walford Primary School£300.00
23rd March 2015Yeleni Support£1,000.00
23rd March 2015Anonymous Donation£425.72
7th April 2014Hereford Girl Guides£500.00
13th April 2014Anonymous Donation£325.00
21st April 2015Hereford Canoe Club£1,813.15
21st April 2015Hereford Volleyball Club£384.00
12th May 2015Anonymous Donation£300.00
12th May 20154th Hereford Martins Scout Group£835.00
27th May 2015Remap Laptop Donation£250.00
27th May 2015Luctonians Rugby Third Team Kit£200.00
2nd June 2015United in the Community Kit£450.00
4th June 2015Young Enterprise Leadership Day£200.00
4th June 2015Hereford Light Infantry Museum£500.00
11th June 2015DCS Joncare Ltd.£320.40
26th June 2015Hereford Rugby Club Kit£1,500.00
30th June 2015Hereford Youth Canoe Club£300.00
6th July 2015YHA Summer Camp£600.00
13th July 2015Robert Owen Academy£250.00
14th July 2015Orchard Farm Wheelchair for Disabled Child£389.00
28th July 2015Defibrilator for Leysters & Middleton Parish Hall£200.00
12th August 2015HOPE Bromyard Family Events£200.00
18th August 2015Anonymous Donation£250.00
25th August 2015Hereford and Ludlow College LC Courses£895.00
25th August 2015Anonymous Donation£3,432.00
31st August 2015Anonymous Donation£197.59
21st September 2015Bench for Hereford Growing Point£432.00
27th September 2015Sensory Equipment£503.39
30th September 2015Newton Farm Community Association Hampers£1,000.00
30th September 2015Hereford and Ludlow College LC Courses£500.00
30th September 2015CLD Trust Stage at Left Bank Event£306.25
19th October 2015Sensory Equipment£500.00
4th November 2015iPad for Stroke Victim£323.97
8th November 2015Anonymous Donation£500.00
27th November 2015HSUG Meetings£246.00
27th November 2015Hope Support Services£478.99
30th November 2015CLC Group Equipment£1,854.90
30th November 2015Merlin Passes£774.00
1st December 2015Polytunnels for Barrs Court School£1,200.00
1st December 2015West Mercia Housing SHYPP Programme£2,250.00
2nd December 2015Marches Family Network£450.00
2nd December 2015Megan Baker House£1,750.00
5th December 2015West Mercia Search and Rescue£500.00
13th December 2015Wheelchair Rack Installation£139.00
16th December 2015Anonymous Donation£650.00
17th December 2015Robert Owen Academy£300.00
17th December 2015Anonymous Donation£300.00
22nd December 2015Tow Bar for JK Vehicles£230.00
22nd December 2015Wyldwood Arts CIC£1,000.00
Refund From Hereford and Ludlow College£-500.00
TOTAL (61 Donations)£40,474.35