2016 Donations

Donations made to individuals are noted in relation to their purpose, but names are withheld. For beneficiary confidentiality a few are shown as “Anonymous Donation”.

18th January 2016Anonymous Donation£250.00
26th January 2016Hereford College of Arts£250.00
1st February 2016Youth Community Media£495.00
4th February 2016Anonymous Donation£250.00
26th February 2016Driving Lessons for Parent of Disabled Child£300.00
26th February 2016Community Crime Fighters£260.00
17th April 2016Friends of Madley School£500.00
26th April 2016Kids Cancer Charity£550.00
11th July 2016Deaf Direct£409.40
11th July 2016Bromyard Bowmen£669.00
1st August 2016The Youth Hostels Association£1,000.00
10th October 2016Herefordshire Council Sasha Celebrations£200.00
23rd October 2016Woodcut Tree Surgery£550.00
17th November 2016North Hereford Shop Mobility£550.00
23rd November 2016Anonymous Donation£1,500.00
5th December 2016Signalong Group£94.00
TOTAL (16 Donations)£7,827.40