More than £40,000 donated to charities and good causes in record-breaking year for Hereford Round Table

Hereford Times

25th April 2016

MORE than £40,000 has been donated to county charities and good causes in a record-breaking year for Hereford Round Table.

The organisation – which has been hosting fundraising throughout the year – donates grants of between £50 and £5,000 to charitable causes around Herefordshire.

Those good causes range from charities to community groups and even individuals in need.

The club held its handover meal at the Priory Hotel in Sutton St Nicholas, where new chairman, Andy Banks spoke about the year ahead.

He said: “Becoming the chairman of Hereford Round Table is a great honour and is a role that I never expected to be asked to undertake when I first joined four years ago.

“I didn’t know many of our members back then and it has been said that I was very quiet and unassuming for the first six months.

“Four years on and I have made a group of firm friends who I am sure will remain so for many years to come who wish I was a bit quieter now.

“It is also a role that comes with some expectation and as I look back at what is one of our most successful years ever, I have to confess that I am filled with nerves and excitement in equal measure.”

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