Round Table’s long road trip

Hereford Times

26th November 2015


Members of a round table took the county’s name on an international road trip with a difference.

Nine members of Hereford Round Table drove from Hereford to Amsterdam in cars loaned by South Hereford Garages and Cotswold Hereford Mini on a fundraising adventure.

The trip raised around £2,500 for good causes in the county.

Luke Conod, from the Hereford Round Table, said: “It’s what we aspire to do with all our events – have lots of fun whilst working with local businesses to raise money for local good causes and charities.”

The cars all sported the logos of the table’s sponsors, with the graphics put in place by the Sign People.

The group, which covered all its own expenses, also enjoyed some sightseeing on their trip, visiting the cities museums, watering holes and a Heineken factory.

“It was lovely. The epitome of everything we do is that it’s people from the community getting together to make really good friendships and work with local businesses to raise money to help people in the county less fortunate than us,” added Mr Conod.

“That’s exactly what the big trip was. We had lots of fun. It’s also flying the flag for Herefordshire, Herefordshire businesses and the UK in general.”