World Peace Day brings together two charitable groups

Hereford Times

16th September 2015

There may be friendly rivalry between the Round Table and Rotary club in Hereford- but as World Peace Day approaches they have pledged to work together more.

The two groups have worked together in the past to arrange events, which have proved a big success, and with World Peace Day on Monday, September 21, what better time to cement the friendship.

William Jackson, chairman of Hereford Round Table, said: “With the current climate, both groups are receiving more applications for funding from groups and individuals who have, in the past, been helped by council funding.

“But with all the cut backs and everything else, we are finding we are getting applications which are larger and larger.”

He said working together means they could hold bigger events and raise more money.


President of Hereford City Rotary Club Jimmy Morrison with Chairman of Hereford Round Table William Jackson

Luke Conod, who is a member of both organisations, said: “It is World Peace Day on Monday but as Rotary and Round Table we advocate world peace and are ambassadors for peace 365 days a year. Working together gives us the power to help more people locally and internationally.”

They are currently working together on a number of projects including setting up a classic car show next summer in Hereford.